Fugitive Toys F-Box February Walking Dead Box Unvieling

fbox header copysa

This is a spoiler alert!! If you haven’t gotten your F-Box yet and don’t want to know what is in it don’t look!!!! 


What is a F-Box? Well it is something amazing that is cooked up by Fugitive Toys!! Its something I have only recently became familiar with as well. Every month there is a different theme for the F-Box this month was The Walking Dead. They are limited quantity and you only order one per house hold. They are first come first  serve as well.  The F-Box runs $23.00 plus shipping which is well worth the money.


The first item I pull out was a Mystery Mini series 3! These are going to be more awesome additions to my personal collection! I got the common Tyrese!! I really wanted Headless Hershel or Daryl’s Motorcycle but Tyrese is a good addition as well!


The dog tags are pretty cool!! They come with a D-ring, key ring, sticker, and dog tag with ball chain. I got Zombie Sophia!! I was thrilled about this the only one that would have been better in my opinion would have been Daryl wearing zombie ears!!


There was also a pen! I love the pen. First of all I always need pens but to have a Rick pen where he is clearly eye @(@*&ing you!! This is going to help me with my short story writing for sure! If I need inspiration I can just look at Rick!


They must have known I liked Rick because I got a Rick plushie as well that has a little plastic gun! I have a bigger one of these that my son won me out of a claw machine they look great together.Although this Rick clearly looks pissed. He is just squishy enough to be love and not be to hard.


Now here is the prize of the F-Box; the Funko Pop Vinyls!!! I got the Governor and the 7-11 exclusive blood splattered Carl!! I already had the Governor but my son was able to add him to his collection. However Carl was one I was looking for and couldn’t find in any of my local 7-11’s! They are both in great condition so if I was a box collector they would be perfect for my collection.


Here is the entire F-Box! As you can see it’s well worth $23.00!! I hope that in the future I am lucky enough to score more of these!! I will be on the look out for March and fingers crossed it will be another awesome theme!!!

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