Geek Fuel February Box Unveiling

ravengeek copy

Spoiler Alert!!!! If you haven’t gotten yours yet you may not want to read this!!! I’m not kidding! I don’t want to get emails that I ruined your Geek Fuel!!!! This is your final warning!!!! 



I’m starting out with a photo of the inside of the box that isn’t really showing you anything so I cut down on spoiling. Geek Fuel is honestly one of the best mystery boxes out there. I love their products! As always you get a magazine this one is a Retro Videogame Magazine! This is awesome. There are several great articles in here such as The Art of Atari, Monkey Business the making of Donkey Kong Country, and Silverball Spotlight. This is a great read for gamers. I also like The Schwag bag, it tells you about also products like Donkey Kong Jenga, Pac-Man Stapler, and Pac-Man Arcade Cocktail Table.


Also included were these great I ❤ Retro sticker and pin!! I know so people call things like this filler but I like the filler. It adds so cool little additions to your box!! Plus I’m a fan of all things retro!!


Who doesn’t need Space Invaders Soap on a rope?? I know I do. Nothing like making bath time tons of fun. I haven’t taken it out of the package yet but their doesn’t really seem to have a fragrance to it but it’s still very cool none the less. It also looks as though it glows in the dark which is great if you plan on showering in the dark.


This is pretty cool even with the flash going on. This is The Original Worms!! With this you get a full download of Worms on Steam and let the battle begin! It will be all out war!! Plus there are gummy earthworms! One thing I love about these boxes is the games that are included sometimes it’s just boaster packs but other times it’s full game downloads.


Awwww one of my favorite things that was in there!! A Wonder Woman pint glass!! This is just what I need a pint glass with a fierce female hero on in when I am drinking a Guinness!!  Or for our younger readers it great for milk or soda as well. This is one of those thick high quality pint glasses to, it has a nice weight to it.


The shirt that is so cool I almost shed a tear!! With that being said its in my size but my son has claimed it! So sadly I don’t think I will be able to sport this anytime soon!! Look at how fantastic this is!! I mean Batman and Pac-Man mash up!! This is just brilliant!! I also love that it’s more old school batman!! Clearly this is Adam West Batman!!

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