New Episode Of The Electric Circus Records This Week And We Need You!!!!!


Time is running out! Be a part of the fastest growing podcast on the internets! No Question too big or small! Like what we’re doing? Want us to juggle carp? Is carp not you’re favorite fish- how about tilapia? Let us know! if you’ve got a great question or comment, see your name IN LIGHTS! (well, not really lights, perse, more the glow of your own monitor) anything to do with the site, posts, content you want us to report on- or “Stop posting that- it burns my retinas!” LET US KNOW!

you can do that 3 ways-

1) Email us at: .

2) Leave a COMMENT by clicking on the word balloon above this post on the right. Your right… NO… not my right, your right.

3) Give us a call on our personal cell phones! (yeah, that’s not gonna happen…we give you our number, you call at 3 am needing bail money…you got a tattoo that night on your stomach that wasn’t there yesterday…)

Anyhoo… The big topic of this Electric Circus is… INTERACTIVE FIGURES!!! you know, Skylanders, Disney Infinity, Amibos… you get the picture.


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