Hey Arcaders!

So, A few of our scribes and myself were cleaning the Archives up a bit- when we noticed a glow coming from behind one of the games. We pushed the game out of the way, revealing a dark row of games we had never seen before. at the end of the row, was the source of the glow- a DOOR! Now, I have been the Archives curator for a  long time- I have never seen this before. The door had a sign on it- Zowie Kerpowey. I took it on myself to open the door. What was inside, shocked and amazed me! A WHOLE NEW SITE! A Geektasticly Twisted version of the Archives! Similar stories, but more mature. A little NSFW. Articles you would never see on the Archives! So, If you have the guts, open the door and come in- The Inmates Are Running The Asylum!




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