Batman DC Comics Bombshells Holiday Harley Quinn Statue Review


As some of you already know Harley Quinn is my favorite Batman villain! So waiting for this statue to be delivered was killing me. She was purchased from Entertainment Earth! I love this site I order some many things from them; a lot of which is pre orders.


As you can see this Harley Quinn isn’t the normal traditional Harley colors she is green and red. She is meant to be a Christmas style Harley. I love her to pieces! She is my first actual statue figure and I wasn’t disappointed.


As you can see in her Santa sack she has Batman’s cowl and cape. I’m a bit sad that the photos don’t do her as much justice as they should. She also has a yellow cape in the bag as well that I can only imagine is Robin’s.


She has beautiful face make up on as well. If you notice her jacket also has wonderful holiday details. If you notice on her lapels she has a candy cane and a snowman. She is perfect in all of her wonderful details.


She even has a Joker card in her thigh highs paying tribute to her puddin!! Even the smallest little details are there. Every time I look at her I notice something else about her I didn’t notice before. She is also on a wonderful base so she is free standing without needing an additional stand.


This is her at home on my shelf. This is a temporary home for her however; this statue is one of a set. There are about 8 of them. I plan to add several more to my collection so I will have to invest in a new shelf for them. I would love to have them all but for $100 each I don’t know how many I will be able to add but Poison Ivy is a must!!

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