Special mini Review for the holiday- Stay Frosty 2 for the Atari 2600!


Hey Arcaders!

Raygunn here, and I just wanna say from all of us here at the Archives- HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Thought I jump in before all the festivities start the Gunn household, and do a mini review of sorts.

Al and all of our friends over at ATARIAGE do a fantastic job preserving everything Atari! So, it’s no surprize when they release a new homebrew title that completely knocks all of us off our feet! And these talented programmers and artists work on this for very little money (if at all) just for the passion of keeping one of the greatest names in video game history alive!

Then you get an amazing video game experience like STAY FROSTY 2- STAY FROSTIER! Just looking at this programming tour de force you keep thinking – This is not on the 2600!!!

All character animations are so fluid, you would swear you were playing this on a Colecovision! Music is top notch too!




Extinguish the pesky fireballs, either by throwing snowballs or simply running over them! The larger the fireball, the more snow it takes to put it out. But remember, our hero is only made of snow! He’ll melt a little bit whenever he touches something hot, with each snowball thrown or just as time passes. You have to replenish him with the ice blocks scattered around.

Ice blocks also melt as time passes, so you’ll need to be quick. To make matters worse, everything melts faster as the day progresses. If your snowman melts past his neck or falls through the floor he loses a life. If he loses all of his lives the game ends. After your game ends, you can choose to continue playing from the last level reached up to two times. Your score and lives will be reset.

There are 32 different layouts in Stay Frosty 2 which repeat for 128 total levels. Each time you complete a set of 32 levels, the weather gets a little hotter and everything melts a little faster. After every 32nd level, you’ll rescue one of Santa’s helpers. After level 128, you’ll rescue Santa himself and win the game!

Just look at this game in action!

It reminds me of an arcade game I used to play- Guzzler!


So, if you want to get a unique, fun and timeless gift for the 2600 owner, head over to the ATARIAGE website and get a copy- I am!!!!!


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