Medium mandala bag “Grape & Crocus Filigree” design by Allen & Allen Photo and Craft


These bags are just beautiful!! Allen & Allen Photo and Craft does an amazing job with their bags.


The bags are made out of a sturdy fabric with a beautiful printed design on them. I love the grape color of this bag, I am disappointed that it isn’t as vibrant in the photos as it is in person. The bag it’s self is very sturdy and a great size. This bag actually fits my tarot cards just perfectly. Which I’m very happy about since their storage box was coming apart.


Even the inside of the bag is done in this beautiful paisley pattern. There isn’t anything about this bag that I found an issue with. Its simply wonderful and can be used for a number of different things. There is also so many beautiful colors and patterns you can order. I think one of these just isn’t enough, I might need a couple different ones.

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