Bettie Page Hair Clip By Martha’s Fancy


I love this hair clip! Martha’s Fancy did an awesome job designing this hair clip. It is just beautiful. I love the red metallic fabric with the bottle cap Bettie Page accent.


I don’t know how Martha knew this would be the perfect hair clip for me but it is. If you know me you know I’m a bit of a fallen angel. The hair clip isn’t huge or to small there it looks weird in your hair. It also adds just the right amount of color if you are like me, most of my wardrobe is either black  or some other dark color. I also thinks it adds a bit of sexiness to your outfit. After all who is sexier then Betty Page.


I like the way this clip is done as well. I feel like that piece of felt adds a bit more cushion to the backing of the clip. It also helps when you are taking it out of your hair; it doesn’t get caught like some hair clips do. I would definitely recommend these hair clips, they are a must have item.

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