Ouija Movie Review


I have to admit I went and saw this a few days ago and was debating actually reviewing it but I haven’t done a movie review in a while, so I figured why not!

With that being said this movies isn’t that great boys and girls! If I hadn’t had great company with me; I may have given up on this movie half way through. I should have know better because the plot is basically one that is really played out. I mean we all know that playing with Ouija boards is just stupid and if you don’t now you do leave them alone!  I got sucked in by thinking there would be awesome effects with a lot of action because it was produced by Micheal Bay. Wrong! It was the same as every other horror movie like this one; think movies like The Grudge or The Women in Black.

The plot of the movie is pretty blonde girl plays with a Ouija board, something comes out of it. She is terrorized by the entity then dies in an apparent suicide. Her best friend doesn’t believe it. Of course the friend finds the Ouija board which her and other friends use to try to communicate with her. Again this is a bad idea! The entity starts killing them off one by one.

As I said its the same basic plot of a lot of this type of horror movies. I don’t really know if I even have a spoiler for this movie since it is so predicable. I would suggest if you want to see it wait until it’s in Redbox. Don’t waste your money rushing out to catch it in the theater. Unless you just want some quiet time with your special someone then it might be worth it.

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