Clocks and Kanji Square Bottomed Dice Bag by Marsbarn Review


I love these dice bags! Not only are they so cute but they also stand up on their own which makes them awesome. Marsbarn‘s got the best dice bags around the best part is they are reversible.


I love both of the patterns to this bag but there are tons to chose from. The bag is also very well made. It has nice tight stitching so you don’t have to worry about seems breaking. It also looks great no matter what side you have it on. So there isn’t an issue of one side looking better then the other, it reverses seamlessly.


The bags looks great when it’s closed as well! The ends of the pull string are also dipped in epoxy so you don’t have to worry about the ends fraying. They are some of the best dice bags I have seen in a while. I also think that although it’s not there purpose but there are many awesome greektastic patterns such as Doctor Who, Marvel, and Star Wars just to name a few but I feel like these could also be used as awesome hand bags as well.


I do think that the clock is my favorite side since to me it has a steampunk feel about it. I can’t wait to show this off at my next game!!! With the holidays coming this is also an awesome gift for yourself or someone else.

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