Resident Evil Bio-hazard Inspired Acrylic Earrings By Fabrication Unlimited


Fabrication Unlimited is an awesome store on Etsy that I found. They have awesome acrylic jewelry. I also love that their products come packaged in boxes with their company name on it. It shows they really care about their product brand.


Now lets talk about these bad ass earrings shall we! I mean just look at these awesome bio hazard earrings. I love the vivid color of the red. It really makes them stand out. I also love that even though they are good size earrings they aren’t heavy! That is a problem I have with earrings all the time is the weight of them. They are also one piece of laser cut acrylic. These are a great addition to your wardrobe and a must have.


The card that the earrings arrive on have a message from the store owners thanking you for your purchase which I think is awesome! They also have a ton of awesome items available for what ever your geeky little heart desires. They also offer special orders! With the holidays quickly approaching I defiantly suggest this store as a win for that special someone in your life! I know I saw a couple items I need to order to help finish my shopping list!

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