Spooky Empire Ultimate Horror Weekend Review!!


As you can see for an event as wicked as Spooky Empire; I had to add some color to my hair! I want to remind you as you read my review that I am one of those wonderful people who help you to have an awesome time at Spooky so if there are holes in my review I was probably working. I also don’t have as many photographs of celebrities this time it’s just the way it is sometimes. That doesn’t mean I didn’t talk to any; shoot one of the highlights of my weekend was Christopher Sarandon saying good morning to me and asking how I was doing! I was so giddy I almost did a dance! Ok maybe I did a little out of sight; so if I did the world will never know!


This was also my grandson Asher’s first con. The photo you see is one of his first Celebrity meet and greets. That is Daeg Faerch who played Michael Myers in Rob Zombies Halloween! He is awesome. He is one of several celebs that stopped to visit with Asher. I think one of his favorites may have been Bitsie Tulloch from Grimm. She is just lovely! Derek Mears was awesome as always as well. It was also my first time meeting Courtney Gains!! I was very excited to meet him. Courtney is really nice and I did get a photo with him however I don’t have it uploaded yet!


Saturday night I saw The Rocky Horror Show with a shadowcast! It was awesome! I hadn’t seen this set of actors before and they did a great job. I would defiantly recommend checking it out if you get a chance. Keep in mind if you are a shadowcast virgin you will have to go on stage for what ever shenanigans is required! At this show it was a game of spin the bottle with a little bit of cheating involved. So I can’t promise you will be paired up with the sex you like!!! The entire cast did a great job though. I loved it but then again I love anything that involves Tim Curry!!!


Did I mention the free arcade??? The amazing guys at Free Play Florida brought in a bunch of Horror and Science Fiction games for us to use for free! It was outstanding. I want to say I played in there for hours but I’m a huge fail and missed out on the fun but I wont next time! I did get to at least go inside and check out the fun everyone else was having. It was mostly my favorite pin ball machines but there was also Mindcraft and Fix It Felix!! I know that everyone wishes they had those machines in their house! I know I do.


As always there are author panels which it seems to me that people aren’t really aware of them! The photo above is the outstanding Heather Brewer!!  Her books are fantastic. I would highly recommend them. The first book of hers I read was Eighth Grade Bites which is the first book in THE CHRONICLES OF VLADIMIR TOD. If you have a young reader or you just love to read these are a must read!


The vendors at Spooky Empire are always bringing something that makes you want to throw money at them. This is one of the items I wished were in my budget! I love Sam so this was just amazing as you can see it also has the little burlap mask as well. This will be mine one of these days! Other vendors that were there are Vamplets, Cemetery Prints, and Mark Hadley.


Last but not least is all the wonderful people doing cosplay! This is just a small piece of that! I could do nothing but take photos of cosplay. There were so many great costumes and there were just as many not so great but you know what they rocked it either way!! Which I’m hoping Santa will bring me a sewing machine so that I can make my own costumes for cosplay for May-Hem in May!! Now its just a matter of deciding on a character; I am open to suggestions!!


Remember when you go to a con please be respectful of the other people there. Wash your hands often to help cut down on coming down with con crud. If your staying in the hotel that is hosting the con and you see a celebrity eating dinner please let them eat! I know they signed up to live in the public spotlight but have some consideration. Also, honestly I can’t believe that I need to say this one. If you see a stroller with something inside of it don’t kick it! If you can’t tell if it’s an infant or doll leave it be! If its a doll that is that good it’s expensive leave it be! I’m bringing this up for two reasons. The first being people liked kicking the stroller Ash was in because they thought he was a baby doll since he is so well behaved. Which honestly just pissed me off. The second reason is one of these kickers, kicked a stroller with a kid in it and knocked it over! Please don’t be that person!! I will share my facebook gallery once everything is uploaded or I will add more here!!! I hope to see you all in May at May-hem!!!!

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