Walking Dead Season Opener Review!!!!!!


****** There will be spoilers *******

Like I am totally warning you so if you don’t want to know something don’t read this post!!!!

Like this is your last chance to not read spoilers!!!!!!!!!!

Oh yeah the season 5 premier of The Walking Dead!!! Holy Crap!!!! Let me just say this episode made me cry and squeal in delight!!!

First of all I’m not a fan of Carol! It’s not Melissa McBride its just most of the time I want to slap her but since last season she has been growing on me like fungus! She went commando and went after her family while Tyrese baby sat Judith!

They brought the cannibals story line right up front!!! So if anyone doubted they were eating people  there is nothing to doubt now. If you remember last season Rick and Carol came across a couple where the girl had a messed up leg well the boyfriend makes a brief appearance in terminus before he became whats for dinner!

Rick and crew made some bad ass weapons out of the inside of the train car. So when they were rescued they were able to battle out of terminus! This was great! Like just for the most part they used pieces of wood and metal.

Now this was all basic stuff nothing major right?? Well her comes some spoilers!!!!!!!!

Rick and Carl get reunited with Judith!! Which was awesome and made me cry!!! I was so happy they finally completed that story. Tyrese also grew a set and killed a man to save Judith which I was like OMG!!! Finally!!! Then if you didn’t watch the very last couple seconds you would have missed an old face walking down the tracks to terminus!!! Morgan has reappeared!! He also seems sane!! I hope to see more of him soon!!!

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