The Arcade Archives Presents: Our Top Five Legend of Zelda Characters


Hey Arcaders,We here at The Arcade Archives Blog are so excited by the release of Hyrule Warriors for the Wii U. So to celebrate we wanted to share our top 5 favorite Legend of Zelda Characters


  1. Link– Link is my favorite character in all of Hyrule! We spent many late nights going on adventures while I drank Mt Dew and ate candy!!
  2.  Epona– Rocks because it was so hard for me to learn to maneuver her but once I did I loved being able to take of on horse back!
  3.  Majora’s Mask– I’m not sure if this really counts as a character. But I love this mask! I know it’s evil but hey aren’t we all!
  4. Zora Link– I really don’t know why this falls in my top 5 other than I thought it was pretty cool.
  5.  Dark Link– This guy looked cool, plus he was one of 3 looks at what could be Links dark side.

  1. Midna (Twilight Princess) – Twilight Princess was one of my favorite Legend of Zelda video games. The story was written well, the game play was great, and the characters were interesting. However, the one character from that game I really enjoyed was Midna. Midna’s character was very similar to Navi from Ocarina of Time in that she would give you tips on how to defeat monsters, clues on where to go next, and so on. Unlike Navi, Midna wasn’t annoying I actually enjoyed her company for the entire game. Furthermore her character was really interesting, sarcastic at times, and was weaved into the story very well.


  1. Kid (Majora’s Mask) – The Skull kid is a very interesting character in the Majora’s Mask game. Unlike most main villain characters like Ganondorf, Skull Kid seems a little more fleshed out and had a less “because I’m evil” type of attitude. As you go through the game you learn more and more about the character which makes you almost sorry for the kid near the end.


  1. Medli (Wind Waker) – Okay, okay let me be a little honest here the main reason I like this character is not really because of her character but because of the dungeon that she helps you in. Wind Waker was a little unique from most Zelda games were mostly you are all alone fighting your way through a dungeon. Wind Waker shook it up by adding a lot of dungeons were almost designed to be like a co-op experience. Which got me to wondering what a co-op Zelda dungeon would feel like? This game was almost a set up for The Legend of Zelda Four Swords Adventures which came later.


  1. (All Legend of Zelda games) – Before you throw something at you computer screen and boo me for the next two please let me explain. The reason I like Link is not because he is the main character or because in some games he is a fleshed out character. The reason I like Link is a very simple reason: because in any Zelda game Link is me. Every Zelda game you have the option of naming your character and I always put my name. Why, you may ask? Because it makes me feel like I’m the one who is running around defeating bosses and saving Hyrule. Even though he may not look anything like me in the cut scenes or I can’t customize his looks like other games. It doesn’t matter because most of the time I either only see his back or the very top of his head so it lets my imagination go crazy.


  1. Zelda (Pretty much every Legend of Zelda game except a few) – There are many reasons why is my favorite character from the Legend of Zelda games I don’t even think that I can list all of them but I will try. Reason one is mostly because she is not the typical damsel in distress in fact in many versions the only reason that she is captured is because the bad guys know that she could whip them. An example would be in Ocarina of Time she disguises herself as Sheik to help you out without letting the villains know that it is her. Another good example is Wind Waker were for most of the game she is Tetra a tomboyish Pirate Captain with a temper and attitude to match. For the record I would like to say that Tetra is one of my favorite versions of Zelda. Reason number two is because out of many of the game she is written very well. You find out a lot about her character in some games which makes you want to help her. For example in Skyward Sword they spend a good amount of time in the beginning of the game letting you know what close friends you and Zelda are so that later on in the game you want to save her. Another example is Ocarina of Time, the first time you meet her and she gives you the low down on what’s going on. This speech also gives you insight on the kind of character the Zelda is in this game and it makes you want to go find the gem stones in those dungeons. Reason three is because unlike some other Princesses she is not perfect and at times in the games is the whole reason that you are in the mess that you are in. Ocarina of Time is a great example because she sends you to get these stones to open the Temple of Time but because of this you open the door for Ganondorf allowing him to take over Hyrule and putting you to sleep for seven years. There are a lot of reasons why I put Zelda at the top of my list, but the three main ones are; she isn’t the typical damsel in distress, she is written well in the games, and she isn’t the perfect little Princess.

What are your top five favorite Legend of Zelda Characters? Leave in the comments section below


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