Tardis Travel Play Pad By The Loveable Lion


That beautiful blue bundle rolls out to be the most amazing play pad ever! The Loveable Lion hit a home run with this item. I mean who wouldn’t want a special item to take on play dates that shows the world they are geeky and proud? I know I wish they had items like this when my son was little but lucky for me they have them for my grandson!


This is what it looks like rolled out it has two hand crafted toys that come with it. You can a chain toy for them to play with and a bowtie! The fabric is incredibly soft for being a cotton and it’s also padded so even if they are playing with it on a hard floor they have some cushion.


For photographic purposes I just put it on my bed with Ash. He apparently thinks it tastes good as well. This is a wonderful handcrafted item. Its very well made with tight stitching so you don’t have to worry about it falling apart. This is an item you will be able to use with all of your children and your grandchildren.


Sizing is great as well. Its not to big that its hard to travel with; plus it rolls up into a nice roll that ties shut. He was having a great time playing on it. After I took the photos I took it downstairs to our living room and he rolled all over it playing with the toys. Its also a great size to put his play gym over him.


I think that the pricing on these play pads is excellent as well. These go for $40 but keep in mind they are high quality and will last you a long time. You can also do custom requests. Right now there isn’t any geeky play pads in the store but I do know she had made a Legend of Zelda, one as well. I think if you are looking for something special this is defiantly something you want to consider.

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