Hey Arcaders!

Lets get in our time machine and go back to 1982- for another STARCADE MEMORY!!!!

This time it’s homemaker Kathy Sherwood vs future stand up comic David Brown! And they’re playing for an EXTREMELY RARE game today- SLITHER from GDI!

A few things in this episode-

1) You get to see some great little known arcade games getting some play- Blueprint is a great example of that, and if you haven’t played it before, check it out on MAME- it’s a great game!

2) A little bit of info on our grand prize game- Slither is a little known early 80’s Centipede style game. 

Slither was released by Destron/GDI out of Chicago, Illinois, in July 1982. GDI’s only other title, the cold war slide-and-shoot Red Alert, was released a few months prior in late 1981 (which was another great game- and it’s on MAME- give it a try!) Then GDI just disappeared- It’s a shame- having two great games like this, then to just shut down? Sadly, at the time of this post,  Slither doesn’t work on MAME, but there is a home port- on COLECOVISION! it came boxed with their Roller Controller expansion pack, and it plays great!

3) Best of all- in this episode- THEY PLAY SWIMMER!!! Don’t get me started on SWIMMER!!!!!




Got your favorite breakfast cereal ready? Then, let’s watch the fun!!! And Thanks again to – for anything Starcade… check em’ out!

Keep Playin’ Like It’s 1981!



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