Pac-Man and Ghosts Cuff by Zombie Ravers


Who doesn’t need a little Kandy in there lives? I mean Kandy is great fun and an awesome accessory!  Zombie Ravers makes really fun Kandy bracelets!


This is a greektastic Pac-Man and Ghost Kandy bracelet. There are three color choices Pearly, Glow, and Neon. I went with the Neon, which I love! Its design is fantastic.


I also want to point out that it fits my wrist perfectly. Which I have mentioned before I have a large wrist so I love finding bracelets that fit properly. The design and colors are spot on. I love the Pac-Man theme it’s one of my favorite old school arcade games!


Maybe your not a Pac-Man fan well that is ok there is also an epic Pokemon one as well. The price is right for these as well they go for $9.25. Personally I think a set of these is the way to go.  I also think with the holidays quickly approaching they are an awesome gift idea!

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