Mario Kart Expanded!

IMG_0283.JPG Nintendo announced that they are adding more to Mario Kart 8. In a awesome move, Nintendo will be releasing DLC for the game. The first in November which will include Link, you know the one from the Legend of Zelda as well as Tanooki Mario, and Cat Peach. Also it will come with some assorted karts including a Blue Falcon kart from F-Zero and some new tracks and cups. IMG_0284.JPGIn May The Villager and Isabella from Animal Crossing will be jumping into the karts as well as Dry Bones Bowser. This will also include some more karts and courses as well.

IMG_0281-0.JPGNintendo didn’t stop there with the good news. They also added that the individual packs will be sold for $7.99. You can also buy them together for $11.99 and purchasing them together will unlock eight different colored Yoshi’s and Shy Guys to use right away.

In my option this is an amazing idea that gives new life to the game and I think that it’s a smart move for Nintendo to do something like this. This news is wonderful and it makes me excited to play Mario Kart 8 again. This also gets me excited about other Nintendo games coming soon games like Super Smash Bros.

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