Exploding Tardis Necklace By The Mythical Merchant


The first thing I would like to say is photos just don’t do this necklace justice! It is fantastic; The Mythical Merchant did an amazing job on it.


This photo is slightly better! The coloring is so vivid and the image is so clear. The pendant is also good size, about the size of a half dollar. So it will stand out when you wear it. I wore it out to an event last night. I received several compliments on my pretty necklace although they weren’t Whovians so they didn’t realize how cool it really is. I also really liked the chain it came on. Instead of it being a plain silver chain, its a black toned chain.


The Exploding Tardis isn’t the only awesome necklace they have at The Mythical Merchant! There are Marvel, Pokemon, Zelda, Nightmare Before Christmas, and so much more. I didn’t see an option for custom orders so that might not be an option for you. Necklaces start at $14.00. Which is totally worth is for this geektastic accessory.

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