The Legend of Zelda Link Hoodie Jacket By SixOnClothing


OK Gamers!! Pay attention because this is defiantly something you don’t want to miss out on! This is the most fantastic thing you will ever own; your very own Link Hoodie!! This hoodie is custom made to order so it might take a little while to get to you but it is totally worth it! SixOnClothing is amazing and the price is right.


My photos mind you don’t do this hoodie justice but it gives you an idea! The stitching in this hoodie is nice strait stitching and its tight so you don’t have to worry about seems breaking. Its also made with a heavy sweat shirt material, which in Florida means you can wear this with a tee in the middle of winter. Its really toasty.


Its also so fantastic I currently have it under lock and key in my closet because I made the mistake of letting my son and a couple of his friends see it! They are plotting to make it disappear. Another thing I want to point out about this hoodie is that the sizing is really good. I got it made in an extra large because I’m very busty; I am able to zip it with no problem. I know that doesn’t sound like a big deal but its a chore to find a jacket or hoodie that can be zipped and not swim in it!


Lets take a minute to talk about this most fantastic hood. Is this not the greatest? It is just like links hat making this even better. I defiantly think this is something that gamers and cosplayer alike would love to have. This is just geektastic! For those of you that maybe don’t love Link although I don’t know anyone that doesn’t. Some other options that are offered are Kingdom Hearts, Sailor Moon, and Assassins Creed! The prices are really good too. The basic Link hoodie that you see here is $60. Keep in mind it is hand made and top quality. Trust me this is one purchase you will be glad you made!


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