Get Ready for the real… COLECOVISION FLASHBACK!!!!!


Hey Arcaders!

I have some great news for this holiday season- The COLECOVISION is coming out… AGAIN!!!! You young-ins are probably asking yourself- What the heck is a Colecovision?

Well, the Colecovision was a super awesome gaming system during the second gen wave of consoles that were out in the early 80’s (The Atari VCS and Intelivision were part of this generation.)

What made this system different from the others were two things-

One- it’s impressive specs- no system at that time had this much power- check this out!

all equals- almost arcade quality graphics (an amazing feat for it’s time!)

This bad boy could even do INTERLACED VIDEO! Whats that? well, it could play a video generated background behind the games graphics- simply put- IT HAD THE CAPABILITY TO PLAY LASER DISC GAMES!!!!!

Two- By the time the Colecovision was released, Atari and Mattel had a very strong foothold in the market- so what does Coleco do? Pick up every arcade title they could! Even The mighty DONKEY KONG is ported over to the Colecovision  ( it’s a great translation that still holds up today! ) also the make several modules to the system- One lets you play ATARI VCS GAMES!!!!

colad1 copy
This is the very first ad I had seen for Colecovision in 1982! Just seeing a home version of Donkey Kong was enough to want this thing!!!!!

Well, where do I come into this story? In August of 1982. With that ad just above in Electronic Games Magazine. A new system- That can play ALL MY ATARI GAMES? WHERE DO I PUT MY MONEY? Of course I asked for one for Christmas- but alas, it was not to be.

Then, the game crash started… Coleco released the ADAM computer add on for Colecovision… but it was too late. the greatest second gen system was put on the shelf and forgotten by many (except by die hard collectors like me.)

Come forward almost 20 years to the date of the game crash, and we get this on the web-

col web 1 copy

WHAAAAAAAA? A commercial site… FOR COLECO? AND IT MENTIONS COLECOVISION SPECIFICALLY? are we actually getting a new Colecovision? Well… NO. River West Brands keep promising a system that will let us and our children

” embrace the classic gaming of the past ”  but what we get is this..

col web 2 copyCrummy gaming handhelds that everyone is manufacturing.

Then this comes out-


Is this the Colecovision they kept promising us? poorly made cheap plastic, dreadful controls, daisy chained controllers, and.. AWFUL SPORTS GAMES THAT WEREN’T ON THE SYSTEM?

Well. I guess this isn’t happening now.

Flash forward to June of this year and I see an ad on the Toys R’ Us website-


After all this time – Is it real?   YES IT IS!!!

And this is what we know so far-

Official games list-

Colecovision- flashback

In addition, a 61st bonus game, Antarctic Adventure, will be available in an exclusive version at Dollar General. Sam’s Club will have a version with the standard selection of 60 games, but a handful of additional overlays. This info came for the awesome Bill Loguidice! And he’s always been right on the money! Of course, No DK games on it. But if it is like any of the other AtGames releases, it may be hacked- possibly with a cartridge slot!

Take a look at this bad boy-


 So… after 30 years, that’s all we know for now… Product testing should begin this month- and we will bring that to you as well. Release date will be announced soon as well. Price- $39.99! Seems like a great deal! More news as we get it!



  1. A ColecoVision resurrection? Now that’s interesting! Just a shame it doesn’t have Gorf on it, one of my all-time favourite Space Invaders clones. Ah well, for that price you can’t really complain, can you? And it’s always nice to play on the real thing (sort of) than on an emulator.


    1. Yes it is! Ive been waiting for this to happen for YEARS! Gorf is just another licensing issue. which is why I wish they had put a cartridge slot on it like the Genesis Flashback! May be in model 2…


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