Kirby Ball by Comfy Corner Creations Review


Comfy Corner Creations makes these cute little Kirby Balls. I absolutely love them. Its just the right size to fit in my hand. It’s also soft and squishy. The main part of the body is made out of a polar fleece material and the additional parts are as well.  


As you can see in this back shot the stitching on these are a tight stitching so you don’t have to worry about them coming apart if you say throw them. I actually threw this poor little guy around my room a bit. As you can see he is fine. These are great for kids or big kids they can throw them around or at each other. 


Kirby also stands up so he looks cute on a shelf as well. These great little Kirby Balls come in a three pack for $14.95. Kirby isn’t the only one you can buy there is also Pac-Man, Boo Balls, Pokemon Balls and more. There is also an option where you can mix and match your sets.  

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