Lovers Necklace by Clay Kawaii Review


As you can see from the photo this necklace is a tarot card pendant! This is fantastic. The detail is beautiful. This necklace is hand crafted by Clay Kawaii


The pendant as you can see is a black and white. It’s about and inch long and about a half inch wide. The detail on this pendent is just breath taking. It truly is. I know you might think the lovers card might be a strange choice for a cynic like me; however I try to hold on to faith in humanity and that I will be proven wrong. Plus there are several meanings to the Lovers card there is the relationship aspect but there is also establishing your own belief system.Which I need help with both! 


It came with a lovely black ribbon to use to tie it to your neck. It looks fabulous on and gets lots of compliments. She does offer other pendant options if you don’t feel this is the one for you. 

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