Review of Mudkip and Bomb Ball Plushies by Crafted Cuteness Review


Crafted Cuteness has perfected these awesome little plushies! These plushies are cuteness overload for sure. These are great additions to your collection or for a kid with smaller hands. 


Mudkip is brilliantly handcrafted. The yarns used are the perfect coloring for Mudkip to be. It’s also crotchet  stitches are a nice tight stitch. There is no worries about it coming lose and having the stuffing come out. The eyes are also tightly attached as well so you don’t have to worry about them coming lose.


The Bomb Ball is also constructed perfectly. The stuffing in both of these plushies is a perfect amount. They aren’t over stuffed but they are stuffed enough so you are able to pose them. I love that you are able to stand them up on their own so you can display them if you want. After I photographed them I set them on my black bookshelf and they really stand out even the black bomb ball.


Everything about these screams cuteness. There are so many different styles you can choice from whether your a fan of My Little Pony or Ninja Turtles you will find something in this shop. Also if you crotchet yourself you can find patterns to make your own plushies! I love that they have both so that way you can either make your own or if you like me and don’t have the skills you can buy one. 


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