Fancy Pants…or ahh, Wings

Pokemon News You Can Use
Attention, Pokémaniacs in case you didn’t hear the fancy colored Vivilon is now available for download thru July 31st. For those who don’t know about this Pokémon here is some info from the Pokédex: Vivilon, the scale Pokémon “The patterns on this Pokémon’s wings depend on the climate and topography of its habitat. It scatters colorful scales.” Basically depending on what region the Vivilon was raised determines it’s pattern on its wings.


This Fancy Pattern Vivilon is in celebration of the 100 millionth trade on the Global Trade System or GTS. The GTS is a place were trainers can trade Pokémon with people from around the world. To get yours open your Pokémon X or Y game. Once opened go to the main menu and choose Mystery Gift, then receive gift. It will ask you to open communications say yes and then choose Get via Internet. Once it connects to the internet you got your Pokémon. Just open you game and go to a Pokémon Center. To the left of the counter you will see a lady and she will give you your new Pokémon.

The Vivilon will be a level 12 have the following move set: Gust, Light Screen, Struggle Bug, and Hold Hands.


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