Atomic Plush Space Invaders Plush Review

Who doesn’t love Space Invaders? I mean it was that game that everyone loved to play whether at home or at a pizza parlor or arcade. I know it was one of my favorites! I absolutely love this pillow sized plush! To me this is the perfect addition to either brighten up your bed or for TV time.

If you go to the Atomic Plush store looking for this plush you won’t find it because this is a new item that hasn’t been added to the store yet. I love being able to review and test out a new product. I don’t feel the photos do this plush justice! It’s a bright light blue with black. The blue really pops on the black back ground. It’s also stuffed just right. It’s not hard but it also isn’t under stuffed.

The stitching is also nice and tight so you don’t have to worry about it falling apart. Even the blue pieces that add the design are secure to the plush. Another little extra bit that I love and brought me a special bit of joy to my heart; was there is a small Atomic Plush tag on the plush. It’s a small tag but it is enough to remind you and everyone else where you can buy another item of such great quality. The price is right too! Prices start as low as $8 and go up to $45. Now I’m not sure what the pricing will be for this plush but I do know it will be well worth it! 

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