Brony Hair Clips By The Monostache


Remember the amazing phone/console pouch by The Monostache; I reviewed the other day? Well those wicked cool pouches aren’t the only cool thing they make; they also make snazzy hair clips!


The  clips I reviewed are Brony or My Little Pony style clips. I love them. They add a touch of cuteness to our outfit. They are also well made so you don’t have to worry about breaking a favorite accessory. They also add a bit of geek to your day. They are even something you can wear to work without anyone being the wiser!


So your thinking Brony isn’t your thing? No problem you can also get Marvel ones or Avatar the Last Air-bender or Pokemon. You can also place custom orders to you get what you want. For $10 you can get a set of hand made hair clips. That not only look good one but also when you take them off!

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