Yoshi Plushie from Abby’s Attic Review


Did someone say Yoshi? Oh yeah that was me squealing when I opened the box! As I’ve said before I love plushies and I love handcrafted items if you can’t tell. So this Yoshi is a huge win because it’s both!


He is a crotchet master piece that can be found at Addy’s Attic. I craft however crocheting isn’t one of my skills. I’m always amazed by the fantastic creations people are able to make with yarn. His coloring is bright and vibrant. He also has a perfect amount of stuffing in him. He is very cuddly.


I love that he can stand up on his own he doesn’t have to lean against anything else. Being able to stand him up is a great bonus since it opens up so many options for where he can be displayed. His construction is amazing. He is also great for fans of all ages since there aren’t any hard pieces or any choking hazards.
Yoshi isn’t the only creation that is offered there are many others such as Chucky, AppleJack, and Harley Quinn! You can also do custom orders. The prices are right to they range from $7 to $110 for sets.


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