How To Beat Home Video Games- Space Invaders- Atari 2600

htbhvg-vol-1Hey Arcaders! Back in my day, there wasn’t allot of game strategy guides out there- except for Electronic Games Magazine, and the little guides that Atari, Coleco, and others put out. But that was usually one or may be two games an issue. But fear not classic gamers! Vestron Video saw the problem, and released 3 volumes of HOW TO BEAT HOME VIDEO GAMES in 1982. the best part- it was on video! just pop that bad boy in the ole’ VCR- and get your video game instruction! Well thanks to the internet, we can now watch these on our computers, or any watching device you have! We will be checking out each game and it’s strategy. The host is a little monotone, but take in all the classic gaming goodness!

Let’s start with tips and tricks for Space Invaders on the Atari 2600!

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