North Star Pendent Reviews

Looking for that perfect gift for someone special? North Star Pendants is the place to go. These hand crafted pendants all come with a saying inside. It might be song lyrics or something that is a popular saying.


They are all very well made. I wore one for several days having it get banged and knocked around; there isn’t a scratch on it. These pendants are amazing I mean they are great for everyone. There are several different style necklaces for the pendants to be worn on as well. I personally love the black cord necklace because that goes with everything.


If you’re not much of a necklace person North Star Pendants carries key chains and bracelets as well. The key chains have a lobster claw on them so you can hook them to your purse or you pants and show them off. I like that they aren’t really big either but just big enough they are easy to find if you do toss them in your bag.


The prices are great to depending on what you’re looking for they start at around $13 and go up to around $29 if you want a pendent that is double sided. You can also do custom orders as well. Which I love that makes your items more personalized when you give them as a gift.

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