Five Finger Tees Review


Five Finger Tees are amazing! Not only do they have an insane variety but they are top quality tee shirts. Some places you order tee shirts from online they don’t live up to expectations when they arrive.  That isn’t the case with Five Finger Tees they are exactly what you ordered.

The colors are just as pure as they are on the website; you’re not going to be disappointed when your shirt comes in to find the colors are completely different. Don’t you hate when that happens? I know I do! I’ve had that happen before which just pissed me off.  The shirt I’m wearing is actually a dark grey with a white screen print.


The screen printing is also a thicker print so you don’t have to worry about it not holding up in the washer! I’ve actually worn this shirt and washed it several times. The shirt still looks great! Just like it did when it was brand new.


I also love the wide verity of shirts on Five Finger Tees.  No matter what you’re into they have a shirt that you will just have to have! The price is great too! I don’t know about the rest of you but I hate having to spend $20 or more on a tee shirt. I want to be able to buy an affordable epic shirt for Cons or other events that I attend. Shirts start at $9.99 at Five Finger Tees!! You also get free shipping with orders over $50 which isn’t hard to do. I know just cruising the site I could spend $100 without blinking!

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