Space Invaders Accessories by Level Up Crafts Review


I want to say right up front the color scheme that I reviewed isn’t available in the Level Up Crafts store yet! This makes it even cooler for me to test out a new color; which by the way I love!  The color scheme I’m reviewing is a red and white set.  I was going to review a necklace and an adjustable ring; however when I opened the package to my surprise every package comes with a thank you gift which was an awesome hair pin!


The red in all three items is amazingly intense with a bit of a glitter to it. It’s not a weird red either, you know how you buy some red items and it’s not really red? That isn’t the case with these products you want red that is what you get. Also the white is a pure white not a dingy white.


If you think these items might be super heavy you are very wrong. I actually own earrings that weigh more! That doesn’t make them cheap, they are all high quality. Plus it’s great to be able to wear video game inspired accessories with my t-shirts! I mean I rock a pretty mean gameboy shirt I need the perfect thing to wear with it!


These are also items that people are going to notice when you where them! I had several people tell me my jewelry was so cool, of course I always tell them where they can get their own.  Of course video game styles aren’t the only style you can purchase there is also comic book characters, zombie hands, and much more to choice from.


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