Spooky Empire’s May-Hem Weekend Review


I don’t know about the rest of you but I had an absolutely fantastic weekend. Spooky Empire’s May-hem is one of the best Cons in the area! For those of you those aren’t familiar with Spooky Empire the company does two horror Cons a year. The first one of the year being the smaller one; which takes place in May, hence being called May-Hem. The second of the year takes place in October which is the Ultimate Horror weekend.


No matter when you choose to go you are going to have a jammed pack weekend of events. There are film festivals, panels, meet and greets, and so much more. One of the first places I normally go is to the room so that I can’t not only say hello to people I know that might be there but to also see what I want to buy! One of my favorite things to buy is art or prints! Some of my favorites are Mark Hadley whose art is beautifully dark and Sugar Fueled whose art is fun and quirky but dark in its own way. Own several pieces of their art and I’m always looking to add another piece or two! There are also some shops I have to visit every time such as Ravens and Rockers; I bought a fabulous pair of devil earrings from them. I also took a few minutes to enjoy the Beauty that is Christine!!


Then comes the decisions of what to see next. Sadly because I was working the Con I didn’t make it to any of the panels however I did get to do some amazing meet and greets. There were so many amazing people at May-Hem. They were all fabulous!! I had a few that really gave me fan girl moments! One of them being Marky Ramone! My other huge fan girl moment was meeting John Carpenter. He is so amazing and a wonderful person. Plus The Fog was the first horror movie I had seen as a kid and I was hooked from there! Funny story about this my parents actually went to a drive thru to see it when it first came out and it was a double feature with a kids movie. They thought I was a sleep but I was wide awake watching The Fog at about 3 or 4 years old. I wasn’t scared which should have clued my parents in on what kind of person I would grow up to be. However I did want everyone to know it came from the fog!


The folks that do Legends a haunting in Old Town in Kissimmee, were also out to join in the festivities. They brought out display items as well as actors from the haunted house to walk around and mingle with the crowd. They were amazing. I haven’t been to the haunted house but it’s defiantly on my to do list now.

DSCF4683 DSCF4684

One thing I always make a point to check out is the Mucklebones display! They always set it up as a walk thru museum; I was looking forward to this display since the October show had a Haunted Mansion display which was amazing. This time they actually did two displays one was an All Hollows Eve display and the other was called It’s Alive! The All Hallows Eve display was an outstanding depiction of the creatures of Halloween. I don’t mean vampires and werewolves; I mean witches, ghosts, devils, death, etc. They always go the extra mile with their displays and pay close attention to details.

DSCF4739 DSCF4740 DSCF4741 DSCF4727 DSCF4744

The second display It’s Alive! Was the true show stopper; this display was 80 life size busts plus 10 additional life size designs. The busts were done from a cast of Elsa Lanchester the Bride of Frankenstein. Every piece was the artists take on the Bride. The entire exhibit was hauntingly beautiful. I just took my breath away; I couldn’t stop looking at these fantastic pieces. This is the second year this project has taken place; it’s also not only beautiful but it’s for a great cause.  All 90 pieces will be auctioned off in the fall to help raise money for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital Research Fund. Make sure you share this project with all your friends it will raise awareness for a great cause. Even though this is its second year this is the first time I heard of it. So few people get to truly experience this before the auction; I’m simply moved by the experience.

DSCF4663 DSCF4669 DSCF4652 DSCF4653 DSCF4654 DSCF4655 DSCF4658 DSCF4659 DSCF4660 DSCF4661

Even though I didn’t get to see everything as always Spooky Empires crew worked hard to ensure this weekend not only ran smoothly but everyone had a great time. Huge props go out to everyone involved in this epic con!! I can’t what until October!!!

DSCF4692 DSCF4709 DSCF4714


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