Mario Kart 8 Review

mario-kart 8

This may not be too surprising of a statement but Mario Kart 8 is the must have game for the WiiU. This game pushes the WiiU to it’s limits: graphically, game play wise, and content wise. The graphics are clean and crisp with great locations with beautiful views. Mario and his friends (and some enemies) have never looked so good as each character moves smoothly. Game play wise the core game hasn’t really changed all that much. You race around 32 different tracks using turtle shells and other various items to win the race. However several changes have been added to the game that make this unique. First, not only do you get to choose your character but you get to customize your kart to your unique tastes or strategy. Second unlocking characters, karts, and parts are random so you can’t really tell what you are going unlock once you hit the required conditions. Content wise the game has a lot to keep you busy like online random matches, tournaments, as well as being able to play everything in Co-Op mode. My favorite part is the game records all your races and things you can edit these video easily and you can upload your videos to YouTube. To give you a good example of this below I have added some of my videos including a battle with YouTube personality J-Wittz. All in all if you own a WiiU and you like Mario games you will enjoy Mario Kart 8. It has wonderful graphics, awesome game play, and enough content to keep you busy for a while this is a game that WiiU owners have been waiting for.

Joshua’s rating:  firemario 5out of 

firemario 5

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