My Neighbour Tororto Wine Charms Review


As you can see I thought I would enjoy a drink while writing this review. You know there is nothing worse than having a party and people having to carry their drinks around because everyone’s glass looks the same! I mean you could go to Pier One and buy boring non geektastic wine charms; but why would you want to? Instead of being boring you can head over to The Warp Zone Store and get fun wine charms that fit your personality!


I got to try and enjoy a fantastic My Neighbour Totoro wine charm set!! These charms are beautiful. Each charm has crystals on the wine charm hoop and a perfect painted charm.  The entire set is color coordinated so they all look splendid together but they are also wonderful stand alone pieces.


They are  very well made but light weight so you don’t have a heavy clunky charm on your wine glass or in my case my margarita glass. I know some people aren’t huge anime fans but that isn’t a problem! They have a great assortment of charms for just about any nerdom you’re a part of. Some of the charms they have currently in stock are My little Pony, Ninja Turtles, Mario, and Zelda. I love that I can entertain with something that is such a part of who I am. Now If I could just find serving dishes that are  as delightful; I would be able to host the party of the century.


You can purchase your own set of these fantasticly geeky wine charms at The Warp Zone Store. They aren’t expensive either considering the quality of the items you are receiving. Prices range from $10-$55 depending on the style you want. They also change the charms as they sell them so if you see a set you have to have you better snatch them up before someone else does!!

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