Haunted by the 80’s by Terry Fan


That little tease you see above is part of the most radical throw pillow I have ever had the pleasure of owning! Growing up in the 80’s; I’m a huge fan of the 80’s culture. There will never be another time like it. So what is better to add a splash of 80’s to your decor then a Pac-Man pillow? What makes these graphics so great is you can also get them on a tee shirt at RedBubble.

I think I’ve teased you enough with the sheer awesomeness of this design!


In case you still aren’t totally awestruck by the full image let me point out all the reasons this pillow is amazing! First of all Pac-Man is the moon. Secondly the ghosts haunt this amazing Victorian style mansion. Thirdly the side walk is lined with Pac-Man power pellets! The color pallet in this pillow is amazing as well. The gray and black is a great background to make the ghosts and Pac-Man pop off the pillow.

The throw pillow is as squishy as I want it to be. There is nothing worse then overstuffed hard throw pillows. The fabric is also a nice strong fabric. Which means it will be long lasting not like some throw pillows that are made with cheap fabric that if you use them the pillow starts to fray.


This pillow is totally gnarly! Want to get your own Haunted by the 80’s pillow? You can get your own at RedBubble for $19.84.

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