Atari Landfill Excavation on April 26th!

alamogoro title copyHey Arcaders!

In just 5 short days, a HUGE piece of video game history will be “unearthed” literally  for the first time in 31 years!

For the uninitiated- in 1983- Atari’s home division was in a financial downward spiral. Several lackluster games, and a poor 1st year showing for the 5200 game system had Atari scrambling.  One plan they had was to take the ENTIRE INVENTORY OF A WAREHOUSE IN EL PASO,TEXAS, AND DUMP IT IN A LANDFILL IN ALAMOGORDO, NEW MEXICO! And, as the legend goes, that’s exactly what they did! There has always been rumors of what exactly was dumped- One story, is it was what was left of the E.T. cartridges that didn’t sell. Another story- a huge overstock of Atari 400 and 800 computers. Yet another was empty cartridge shells. Dumped, buried, and sealed over with concrete… to be forgotten forever. Or so they thought. Millions of Arcaders all over the world heard the story through news articles, magazines, books, and just from someone else who had remembered the legend. Well, after all these years, it  looks like the story will finally be told on April 26th, as Fuel Entertainment has received permission from the city to excavate the site!

They plan on creating a documentary film surrounding the myths, facts and exploration of this legend. Ready Player One author Ernest Cline will be on-hand for the event, and he’s written up a blog post detailing his upcoming adventure. The general public has been invited to attend this dig, so if you’re an Atari fan and in the area, be sure to attend! A big thanks to Albert over at ATARIAGE for the heads up on the progress!


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