Level (1.5)


Greeting Archivers. I’m back again to bring you more coverage on another level. This time, due to the fact that the level I want to cover goes hand in hand with the stage before it, it’s going to be a two part highlight.

First off we have the Hidden Palace Zone from Sonic 3 & Knuckles for the Sega Genesis, my favorite Sonic game of all time. It’s the shortest stage with the sole purpose of plot progression. Though it’s the eleventh zone, players can visit the stage beforehand with the use of the Super rings scattered throughout the second-half of the game, to collect the Super Emeralds.

And a little something to play while you read along. The music in Sonic games really sets the tone for the stages and this is no different.

There isn’t much to the stage aside from a few spike traps and hidden springs to give access to some rings. In one area, there is a teleporter on a pedestal where if it gets stepped on, it will teleport your character onto a different locations. It is there where either Sonic and/or Tails will be in fisticuffs with Knuckles. What’s important to note, is the mural in the background as it foreshadows Sonic’s final battle.

The battle against Knux gets interrupted, as Dr Eggman proceeds to make way and steal the Master Emerald from it’s altar.

Knuckles, having been misled by the mad scientist into thinking that Sonic was the enemy, comes to his senses and attempts to stop Eggman, only to be electrocuted rigorously. The floor crumbles and the heroes fall to the bottom of the cavern. Once Knuckles wakes up, he leads Sonic and Tails into the same teleporter that was used before and make their way onto the Sky Sanctuary Zone…

Note: There are no text dialogue boxes (a la Final Fantasy) to convey story, however the story can still be interpreted with the  the help of cutscenes and the player’s imagination. As a kid at the time, I was amazed by the presentation of the game. It still does to this day.
Look forward to Sky Sanctuary zone coverage soon!

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