Geoff Edwards- February 15, 1931 – March 5, 2014


Hey Arcaders- some sad news to report today- legendary television game show host Geoff  Edwards passed away on March 5th. He hosted many game shows like  Jack Barry‘s Hollywood’s TalkingThe New Treasure Hunt,  Shoot for the StarsPlay the Percentages, and many more. Well that’s all fine and good, but what did he do in the arcade world?  Well, Geoff was one of the hosts of a little game show I talk about a lot on the Archives,  STARCADE!!! Geoff replaced Mark Richards in the second season on WTBS as Richards appeared to be uncomfortable on-camera- more importantly he did not appear to be interested in video games. Edwards himself had never played video games up until Starcade but he became a huge fan soon after receiving the role as host.

starcade-thumbGeoff held some of the high scores on the very machines that the kids played on! He had such a great time on the show, and loved giving tips to the constants (and trust me- he knew what he was talking about!)


We haven’t scratched the surface of Starcade on the site, let alone the second and third season (don’t worry we will!) So, in tribute to Mr. Edwards, lets play one of his episodes- you’ll see the difference! 

So, from all of us at the Arcade Archives, and all those Arcaders out there- Thank you Mr. Edwards for all those great Starcade memories! I hope all your troubles get zapped! And… Keep Playin’ Like It’s 1981!


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