Nintendo Characters – Did You Know Voice Acting?

Drawing, Playing Video Games, and watching TV shows and Movies, if you know me then you shouldn’t be surprised that I love these things. However, one of the lesser known things that I am interested in is Voice Acting. Ever since I was little I always wondered who the people are that are parts of essentially bringing a character to life. As I got older I started to watch behind the scenes documentaries and special features that would show the Voice Actors in the process of acting out a scene behind a mic. This got me wanting to do this myself and also got me interested in the field. Now, I see these people as huge celebrities and hope to one day meet them all but until then I will just continue to enjoy their work. This is why when I found this video on YouTube I knew that I had to share it. It hasn’t always been true, but now a day’s Voice acting is very important to video games. It helps bring the characters to life and gives the audience a kind of realism when they play these games. The following video just focuses on Nintendo characters but as I find other videos about Video Game Voice Acting I will post them as well. Please enjoy!

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