Opening an Account at the Pokémon Bank


Before Pokémon X & Y came out in October, Nintendo announced that two months after the games release they would also include a new cloud service for trainers to drop their Pokémon in. This service would include the ability to hold up to 3000 Pokémon without having to worry about them being erased. Additionally, it would also come with a separate app that would allow you to transfer you older Pokémon from White, Black, White 2, and Black 2. The only thing that made some trainers lose their minds was that there was a fee. These complains didn’t last long as we found out that the service fee was only five bucks per year.

The two months came and went and every trainer around the world was getting overjoyed at the thought of bringing their old Pokémon and seeing them in 3D. Japan and Asia were scheduled to get it first and then everyone else later that week. Something happened though on Christmas Day that broke the clam of all the anticipation. Everybody who got a Wii U for Christmas started to log on and set up their account. At the same time all the Pokémon trainers in Japan and Asia started to download Pokémon Bank. All this influx of downloading was part of the reason that Nintendo’s online services crashed. After that, trainers got the bad news that Nintendo would have to push back Pokémon Bank’s release. Which, like anyone waiting for a bank to open, it made Pokémon fans a little antsy. Finally, after two extra months of waiting, everyone now finally has Pokémon Bank.

How does it work? It’s simple. Just make sure that you have the physical or digital version of the game. Download the app from the E-Shop and presto you now can put your Pokémon from X & Y into the bank. It is very easy to use and even lets you organize your boxes. So on the whole, Pokémon Bank is quite useful.


 My problem comes in the form of the Poké Transporter app. This makes the experience of using the app a little tedious. Once downloaded from Pokémon Bank, you can then grab either game from Generation 5. Poké Transporter only can take Pokémon from your Box 1 and nothing else. So to get your desired Pokémon you have to go into the game and move all thirty of them to Box 1. Then open the app and three to four minutes later the Pokémon will be transferred to your Pokémon Bank. Then you must exit the app, switch to your Pokémon X or Y game, go into Pokémon Bank, then find the Transferred box (which by the way is before Box one), Then you can move your Pokémon into the game. It’s not difficult, but if you have a lot of Pokémon in your previous game that you want to transfer, it gets tedious. My question is why can’t I just pick the Pokémon that I want to transfer from my old game? Why only Box one? Shouldn’t there be a way to pick what Pokémon I want without having to go into the game?  Maybe even use my SD card that is in the 3DS? I am hoping that with the ability to send updates for these apps that some improvements can be made.

One quick side note, you can also get a free Celebi from Pokémon Bank if you download it and there is a free 30 day trial. So if you feel the need to store your extra Pokémon into the cloud, then make sure to download it.



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