My Big Annoucement!!

If you know me you know that I love one thing more than video games. This one thing is something that I would drop any video game or any of my other favorite hobbies to do. This gift is something that is been a part of my DNA. That is drawing, ever since I was five years old I’ve loved to doodle and create. But for some reason or another I have not been able to do it in my professional life. I am not afraid to admit it but I have been put this off for way too long. Whether it’s because of excesses, circumstances, or me just hoping something would just happen. Whatever the case I have always kept this gift to myself or to those who are close to me but not too much with the outside world. But now I believe that I am ready to share my talent with everyone. So I am happy to announce that starting this week I will start posting on this blog and my own art blog a new comic strip that I am calling:

ImageThe Game Grid is a world where all your favorite game characters live. Just like us these characters that we are so familiar with have lives outside of the games. Through this comic strip we get to see these lives up close and personal. I am hoping that this will give me a chance to challenge me as an Artist. This is why I need your help in the form of replies that I can read to let me know how I am doing. So tell you friends and family members to check it out so I can get a feel for how I am doing. At first I am going to start this out as a monthly post. Eventually my goal is to make this strip a weekly strip as I get better at it.This is a commitment that I hope will continue to get better and better as I go so stay tuned to this blog as I begin a big step.    

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