Hello again, gamers! It’s been a while! I guess I should get off me lazy butt and write something, huh… Well….. I just discovered something oh so magical, oh so wonderful, and just mind blowing. You ready? …….FRIENDSHIP!!! ….no? Maybe I should elaborate. Lately I’ve been on a gaming block. I’ve been playing a bunch of games that I’ve already put a lot of time into. So I thought it was time for something new. I started looking through my free games on my phone and then I saw it… My Little Pony! I just couldn’t believe it. I had to download it instantly just so I could see what it was like. Let me tell you, as a fellow brony, this just takes the cake! This town-builder game is just so incredibly surreal. I believe the Pony creators had a lot of say in this game since there is so much detail put into here. The game’s story starts just like the cartoon. Princess Celestia starts of telling the tale of the two pony sisters and how Nightmare Moon is out to create a world of darkness. It’s Twilight Sparkle’s job to get all the Pony citizens, especially her pony friends, to come back to Ponyville and keep the darkness away, thus eliminating Nightmare Moon. Throughout the game, you assign different to different jobs to earn bits (pony currency for those who don’t know). You use those bits to buy different buildings, ponies, various decorations and land expansions. There are also gems that are used to purchase things as well, but you receive those gems a lot less often than bits. Eventually you expand Ponyville as much as you can to discover the Elements of Harmony. I personally haven’t gotten too far, but eventually you can expand in Canterlot and go through the wedding storyline. Not to mention, it has a dance session with the Equestria Girls. This mobile game has gotten me hooked. I’m too impressed at how much detail is in this game, just make sure you get those darn parasprites! Haha! I didn’t think I’d find myself reviewing a mobile game, but this one takes the cake! Wait….I said that already….pie! Whatever!! If you have any interest in town-building games and the My Little Pony gang, I suggest you give this game a try. And remember, “Friendship is Magic”!

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  1. I have this app myself and I totally enjoyed it! My only problem with the game is getting gems it is extremely hard to get them. Which I believe is on purpose to get you to spend actual money.


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