The Wonders of Wonder Trade


Trading has always been a massive part of Pokémon since the beginning. Pokémon Trainers are encouraged to trade the Pokémon. How, you may ask? One, some Pokémon don’t evolve without being traded, thus your Pokémon will never get to its full potential. The second reason is mere fact that we always have two versions of Pokémon every generation. Both versions have some different Pokémon that the other version does not. So if you want to “catch’em all” you have to trade. I can fondly remember getting excited to buy a link cable just so that I could trade with my brothers and my friends.  Then when I finally got it I would link my Gameboy with my brothers Gameboy Color so that I could get those Pokémon that my version was missing out on. My brothers and I would spend hours trying to decide what Pokémon we would give up to get that Pokémon that I’ve been waiting for. 


As more and more Pokémon games came out GameFreak (the Nintendo developers that make Pokémon) started getting more and more creative with the hole trading system. It wasn’t until Pokémon Fire Red and Leaf Green that they started to experiment with wireless trading. You would attach a wireless device to your Gameboy Advance and you could find people, who were just walking by to trade with. This was a major breakthrough for the game and got a lot of people excited. However it didn’t work as well as they were hoping it was. The problem was that your wireless device could pick up others playing the game but only if you were in the wireless room and only if you were close to them. Then Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, came out (which for those of you keeping score at home that is the fourth generation of Pokémon) for the Nintendo DS and it changed everything. Because the Nintendo DS was now equipped to connect to WI-FI and for the first time ever Pokémon Trainers could not only trade with their friends but with people all over the world. The fourth generation also introduced the GTS or Global Trading System, an EBay like system where Trainers could put up a Pokémon that they want to trade and ask for a certain Pokémon that they are looking for. This was a major step for Pokémon and fans so they can get the Pokémon they desired even without having any friends that play nearby.

 All of this history now brings us to the new game Pokémon X and Y for the Nintendo 3DS.  All the improvements in trading Pokémon over the years shine on through this new game. With old favorites like the GTS, classic trade, and more returning this generation has got a lot of ways to “catch’em all”. But something new caught my eye after I started my new Pokémon journey. It was a little button on the center left of the bottom screen and it said Wonder Trade. This made me curious, why exactly does that mean? I thought to myself. So I tried it and let me tell you it is truly addicting. Basically, what you do is put up a Pokémon for trade it could be any Pokémon in your PC or your Party. Then the game will randomly selects another trainer from anywhere in the world and you trade. You never know what you are going to get and even if the Pokémon is something that isn’t too desirable you can trade it once again. So far I personally have gotten all three X and Y starters (for those of you not up on the Pokémon lingo that is all three Pokémon that you can pick from at the beginning of the game), and several Pokémon I haven’t even seen in the game yet. Wonder Trade is also very interesting because every time I trade a Pokémon I like to see where that it comes from. It could be from Germany, France, Japan, anywhere and it even gives me that Pokémon’s name from that country. So in conclusion, even from the beginning trading Pokémon is a fun experience. But now you can trade with anyone in the world. So if you’ve got a copy of X or Y, hook it up to some WI-FI and prepare to have some fun.    

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