You Might be a Video Gamer if…

you might

Hey Arcaders, I am Übernerd527, so for my 1st post on the Arcade Archives I have decided to start with something simple. Now a days it’s getting so bad that some people can’t even tell the difference between the truly Hardcore Gamers and the pretenders. So taking a tip from one of the funniest men in history, Jeff Foxworthy, me and a lot of my Video Gaming friends have come up a list so you can now tell who is a real Gamer and who is just pretending. So you might be a Video Gamer if…

  • If you know the exchange rate of rupees
  • If you ever attempted a double jump
  • If you’ve ever snuck into a club using a cardboard box
  • If you believe ever $100 gives you a 1up
  • If you are constantly in the wrong castle
  • If you’ ve ever got hurt and secrete rings
  • If you’ve ever color coded a guitar solo
  • If you locker combination is the Konami code
  • If you got in a fight and tried to up, up, down + B someone
  • If you think running over a pedestrian will give you extra points
  • If you miss something and a dog laughs at you
  • If your life has ever moved in bullet time
  • If you have ever tired to catch an animal using a small ball
  • If you have ever used “…” as a sentence
  • If you’ve listed “Dino rider, Trained a Charizard, or Mage” as a special skill on you resume
  • If you break things just to see if there is anything in it.
  • Boys: if your girlfriend complains that you spend more time saving Princesses
  • Girls: if your boyfriend complains that you spend more time with Mario
  • If on your Birthday you refuse to eat the cake cause you believe it’s a lie
  • If you’ve ever asked your Plumber to install a warp pipe
  • If you’ve ever traveled by: Portal gun, Warthog, Warp Star, Barrel, or Kart
  • If you believe Nascar should add turtle shells to make it more interesting
  • If you believe your rich Uncle’s cane could be used as a pogo stick
  • If you believe “Madden Day” should be a national holiday
  • If you believe your companion cube is your only friend
  • If you believe the correct response to Objection is Hold it!
  • If you really believe you are what you eat
  • If all your enemies end in “-man”
  • If you’ve ever wielded your house key like a sword
  • If you’ve ever used a potion to heal an injury
  • If your families last name all end in Kong
  • If you finishing move ends in “-ailty”
  • If you only move when you see an arrow
  • If you’ve ever danced “The Mario”
  • If you believe you can walk into anyone’s house steal their stuff and break their pots
  • If you wield a sword larger than your own body
  • If your rifle has a chainsaw bayonet
  • If a small two tailed fox follows you everywhere you go
  • If you use a bicycle pump to destroy your enemies
  • If you go out one door and come out the opposite one
  • If your dog can transform into a hover board

Please feel free to to add if you would like!

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