Hey Arcaders!

I though it was time to revisit a series I had started a few years ago, and put a new spin on it. Welcome back, to Starcade Memories! What was Starcade, you ask? Only the world’s first game show devoted to video games! here’s some info on the show-

Starcade is a game show where contestants compete against one another by playing arcade video games. The series originally aired on WTBS from 1982–1983, followed by a run in syndication for the following season.

The series was first hosted by Mark Richards. Geoff Edwards replaced Richards after the first 23 shows, and continued until the show’s cancellation.

A few things that stood out for me about this show-

               90% of the time they were playing for a FULL SIZE ARCADE MACHINE!  Yup, the one thing Arcaders wanted more than anything, was the grand prize (most of the time, as you will see in some episodes.)

               They would match up the players to their game playing ability- which would work out most of the time, but as you will see even in the first episode, you have a young kid playing a thirty year old- doesn’t seem like its fair , but OK… (actually those are some of the best episodes!)

Then if that wasn’t enough arcade goodness for you, they would have some games- THAT WERE JUST RELEASED!!!! Brand new, and never seen in the U.S. until the airing of that episode! they even had arcade game commercials- I remember seeing Dragon’s Lair 2 commercials in 1984…  


This one stands out for me because of the paring of a comic writer and a girl who was auditioning for the Broadway show of Annie! Also one of the games in this show is one I own- SWIMMER!  Mine could be the one from the show as these are VERY RARE!


I want to thank the JM Production Company, creators of Starcade! go to their site to view all the shows, compete in Starcade tournaments, listen to the music of Starcade, and to see some of the contestants and what their up to today! Go over to our Arcade Brigade section to head over to the site NOW!!!

Well, from early 1982, Starcade Episode #1- Enjoy!

satrcade stats copy

 Lets join our competitors on the warm up floor, practicing for their big chance to win!

Keep Playin’ Like It’s 1981!!

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