Welcome to my new home- DisneyQuest!


Hey Arcaders!

Sorry about the delay… The long Delay.  A major thing has changed in my life (for the better) that has caused a full delay in my blog writing. That thing is work. Most of you know I work at Walt Disney World. It’s a great place to work. Well, about the time of Wreck It Ralphs release,I got the word- Full time transfer to… DISNEYQUEST! Disneyquest? what’s a Disneyquest? well in the next few weeks, if you don’t know – You’ll find out! I’ll  be doing reviews on this amazing place, and everthing inside. What’s it got to do with the Arcade Archives, you ask? Well, besides being an indoor theme park with it’s own attractions, IT HAS ONE OF THE LARGEST COLLECTIONS OF CLASSIC ARCADE GAMES IN FLORIDA!!! so dont worry,  True Arcaders- we have alot in store! First off, my much delayed Wreck It Ralph Review will be up in the next week, plus some other reviews I have had finished and not had time to post. also, one of my best suprizes is now up and running… ARCADE ARCHIVES 80’S RADIO SHOW! full of 80’s goodness, the channel offers 80’s music, classic game commercials, and so much more! you can listen to a sample on the blog right now by clicking on the media player on the right (the station will be up on the site permenantly soon!) you can also take the station with you on the go by dowloading the Radionomy app for Iphone or Android phones as well! Once you have the app, just type in “arcade” and there we are!make us a favorite and keep it on the air! or just go to http://www.radionomy.com and serch arcade to listen on your PC! Thanks everyone for holding on for my return, and also thanks for the emails. and don’t worry WE ARE BACK!!!!

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