Wreck – it Ralph!!!!!

Hey gang just a Quick post for you today. First, Happy Birthday to….ME! Yup, On this day 45 years ago ( gulp) I was unleashed onto the world ( yay world!)

As most of you may ( or may not know) I work for the Mouse House! A great place to work I must tell ya.

Well the Disney blogs are all a glow today about a movie called Wreck – it Ralph!

And yes- it looks ALOT like a certain 8 bit ape we all love!

A bit of info about this  movie was just released at the D23 Expo-

One of the big surprises and highlights of Disney’s movie presentation at the D23 Expo yesterday was a first look at Wreck-It Ralph, the next Disney Animation movie due out November 2012. As many of us have barely even heard of this project, it needs a proper introduction first, which is why Disney screened the first four minutes – only the storyboard version – to give us an idea of the story and what it was about. Suffice it to say, many of us are now considerably excited for this, and I’ll do my best to explain why and give you a first glimpse via photos taken of the arcade game it’s inspired by that was out on the D23 showfloor.

Wreck-It Ralph is about an arcade game character (pictured) named, as you guessed, Wreck-It Ralph, voiced by John C. Reilly. He’s the bad guy in a Rampage-like game where Ralph smashes buildings and a small guy named Fix It Felix Jr., voiced by Jack McBrayer, runs around repairing them and saving people. But Ralph doesn’t like being the bad guy and every day when he goes home to his trash dump to sleep with his tree trunk, he wishes for a better life. The concept takes us behind the screens and into the games, and like Toy Story, everything comes to life when their “work” is done at night inside the arcade. Ralph decides to leave his own 8-bit world and goes on an adventure through the arcade and into the various games there.

Ralph can be seen in his villain mode in the arcade game directly below. One of the early scenes we were shown went through the screen into the game, like it was a real world behind the screen, which is the world Ralph inhabits. “Futurama” veteran Rich Moore is directing Wreck-It Ralph, and two other voices include Jane Lynch as Sergeant Calhoun, and Sarah Silverman as Vanellope von Schweetz. One of the games Ralph ventures into is “Hero’s Duty”, which looked very much like Halo and was described as a first-person shooter, where he meets Calhoun. The other is a game called SugarRush, which is basically Candyland meets a racing game, where he meets von Schweetz, an adorable young girl. This sounds like such a crazy fun time.

The footage we saw had Ralph introducing himself and his “job” at the beginning and it ended with Ralph attending a “Bad-Anon” bad guys anonymous meeting, with many other classic villain characters from video games there, too. This really seems like such a great concept for an animated movie, and based on what little of it I saw, it looks like it’ll have as much heart to the story as character. I think Disney has finally found the magical Pixar mix that makes their movies great, as this truly looked like something Pixar could be making. I hope we have a teaser trailer or something else to show you soon, however it’s still early in development, so stay tuned for more. But be sure to keep your eye out for Wreck-It Ralph, coming November 2012.

I cant believe it- we are finally getting the video game movie we always wanted!

I wish they had used a Donkey Kong cab (it looks like a Pac/Ms Pac cab)  but  the DK like  cabinet graphics are spot on! Just for future reference- I WANT ONE OF THESE FOR MY ARCADE!!!!

Stay tuned for more info on this amazing piece of news!!!!


  1. Great piece of news about a movie that I’m very excited to see a teaser trailer for, RayGunn! Might I also add that the game cabinet they had at D23 makes me wish there would have really been a Fix It Felix Jr. title in the arcades of our youth! 🙂


    1. Vic, I think this is the arcade game movie we have been waiting 20 years for! The game just has a 1981 vibe to it and it shows! I want to build one for my arcade! Btw, great job over at the Retroist!


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