Space Age Whiz Kids!

Oh….Sorry…..we haven’t done what in a while? A post?- A POST! IN 3 1/2 MONTHS? NO WAY!……..Sorry I have to go-

Hi gang! some one just informed me that we haven’t done a post in almost four months. so I thought I’d change that. And lets start by talking about one of the one of the greatest injustices in the golden age of arcades.
Pac Man Fever. Change Attendant. Ode to a Centipede. I Fell in Love at the Video Arcade. All arcade game theme songs. All great in their own right. But one song seems to be always  overlooked. the one that was written ABOUT THE PLAYERS! And that song is “Space Age Whiz Kids” by Joe Walsh. Yes, that’s THE Joe Walsh (James Gang, Eagles, ETC) Check out the roster of video game great ones in this video (and yes that’s a WACKO machine behind Joe!)

This song is from the “You Bought It You Name It” album. So go out and find this album (or cd) you wont be disappointed! This is a great song for your arcade compilation!


  1. What video game is that starting at 1:58? Me and my friend were huge into video games back in the 80’s and when we saw this video and that game thought it looked really cool! But we never saw the game in any arcade. Any idea?


    1. Great catch- I didn’t even see that one! That is Liberator from Atari. It was released in 1982 and played like a reverse Missile Command- great game! you can play it now on the Atari’s Greatest Hits for the Nintendo DS. And it plays just like the arcade machine!


    1. Just remember its on volume 2 (although volume one has great stuff on it too!) The cab was awesome! it had the commander on and it looked like he was in the heat of battle! I’m going to have to do a review of this one soon- keep reading!


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