What If #2- Dragon’s Lair Handheld by Coleco- circa 1983/84

Hey Gang! Sorry for the delay in the next post-  I started feeling a little under the weather about a month ago, and after a few tests- lo and behold a 1cm kidney stone logged in where it shouldn’t be! After out patient surgery last Tuesday, I’m starting to feel a bit better!

Any who, the first podcast I will be editing this week so it should be up soon (editing down 2 hours of talking to myself and adding sound effects is a lot harder than it sounds!)

So I thought I would do a mini What If review- on Dragon’s Lair!

Well Dragon’s Lair needs no introduction or comprehensive review (there’s a ton of reviews- pick one!) but where I want to go is the latter end of 1983/84 where the road for games in general looked very uncertain for the industry who’s  fiscal totals just one year earlier  were so rosy, the movie industry was the one who was very rocky because of it. Coleco had secured the home rights for a port of Dragon’s Lair (and to this day holds up very well) but even Coleco itself was in the beginnings of a tailspin as the Adam computer was released to lackluster reviews. fortunately for them they had the Cabbage Patch kid to fall back on that Christmas. But what if they had something else? Would it have helped Coleco to fight another day?

Their own mini arcade units had sold millions and had help fund the Colecovision but What If they had rolled the dice on the mini arcade just one time and had released the

And the result- just some promotional  ads found in a dumpster after the debacle that was CES 83′

These pictures pose 2 questions-

1: Are they real (no, so really just one question)

1-a: could this be done today- YES!

one good hacker with lots of time, and old Coleco mini arcade that doesn’t work, an old Nintendo DS they could scrap, and a copy of Dragons Lair for the DS (which plays great I might add) some new outer shell stickers and I think it would be what Coleco could have done if given the tools of today in 1983… it would be awesome!




      1. hey raygunn, bought an old pac-man coleco game off ebay for $28. started to break this thing down. what a piece of crap, to think i had this as a kid and thought this was cool, theres nothing to this thing. all i could think about was how awesome it was going to be! i didnt go with the red/orange color in your pic, worried it would scratch off in time. i left it black like the original arcade.( kinda taking the easy way out since it was already black) spent a little fortune at kinkos/fed ex making stickers of the photoshoped artwork that i searched on google to find. i illuminated the marquee to give it a more arcade feel. amplified the sound. (got rid of that crappy paper cone). took the pac-man bezel off and cut a new one from plexiglass. had to cut a wider viewing area since ds screens are wider than the original pac-man led screen. installed a 4 hub power usb. power for marquee, ds,and sound , the ds board has to be bent in order for it to fit, also ds board has momentary on/off switch, trying to figure out how to keep original switch and still make this thing work. solder points 1 and 2 on ds power switch i can use a momentary push button, but id like to use that original black switch. let me kno how i can upload pics, waiting on a cord from china. with my day job of tattooing and spending time with my kids this hobby sometimes hits the back burner, im also making a 31′ inch dragons lair game for my kids. that will be #3 of the mini arcades i have built .and i have a garage of full sized arcades that im repairing. i feel im almost done with this, but still so far away from actually being done! too many projects started, but slowly finishing them.


        1. WOW!!!!! Just send pics through the reply section or pixlsplace@ yahoo.com I would
          Love to do an update of this! Please send any progress photos, you and the finished product, or even better yet, a YouTube video!!!! Great job Steve!!!!!!


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